Reflection on presentation.

After presenting our three ideas we got some usefully feedback, and ideas, both from our peers after viewing our work and at those who had chosen the same brief as us.

Bacardi was a very popular brief which many people did, ours while unique was perhaps not the best, but the brief’s popularity did give us further inspiration from others at other ways we could look.¬†While we had seen allot of the problems and sought to rectify them, some or our solutions on reflection were misguided. We decided in order to keep the brand classic that we would go with barrel type designs on a modern square shaped bottle. And while the design might have worked, it was rightly pointed out that the ‘traditional’ setting wasn’t that relevant to our target audience. If we choose a 18-24 young audience, if they are to be affluent we want to look at successful 21st century yuppies perhaps. In addition, while the promise of winning free Bacardi would work on everyone, a quiz on Bacardi’s history would automatically tune allot of our target audience out, who would simply not care. Here I feel that we lost site of our intended target, and got distracted by the path we had chosen to take.

We were the only group to tackel the BBC brief, and while it went well and there wasn’t much critasicm I fealt that it was perhaps a bit bland and needed something extra.

Despite not having such development designs, I felt that the Skittles project was our best. ‘Lighting up darkness’ worked as a ambient well I feel. The lighting in tube stations could not fail to gain people’s attention, and the zebra crossing idea – while simple was again very noticeable for both road users and pedestrians. One of our peers suggested for the Skittle packet ambient that perhaps it should be positioned the other way up, rather than the skittles pouring on to the floor, they ascend into the air like a rainbow.


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Bacardi designs.

The following post shows our Bacardi design ideas, and explanations behind them.

Poster 1Poster 2

The two above posters illustrate our idea to keep Bacardi classy as well as maintaining their herratige. We decide to go with a traditional background images, aimed at more affluent consumers. The bottle, in the attempt to make it appear both modern and classic contains the a barrel design of the label (barrels being how they are brewed) and a squarish bottle, which came back as the most popular design from our questionnaire. The positioning of the lid was chosen because it makes it easier to pour.

Map idea

The above image shows a print advert that will be desplayed in both newspapers (that young people are likley to read such as the free Metro) as well on billboards where young people are likley to pass, stations etc.

map placement 2 map placement

The above two image show the Bacardi party advertised at a station. Essentially the idea behind Bacardi party is that Bacardi sponsor student or young people events, or parties where Bacardi is the most prominent drink served, free advertising. The posters show a QR code where someone might get an actual map reference on their phone for for a party.

Twitter facebook

These two last images show how Bacardi might be advertised a social networking environment. The bottle featured where ever possible so it becomes identifiable to consumers. Barcadi will interact with consumers frequently regarding the Bacardi challenge, where people can win Bacardi (perhaps by answering so many questions about Bacardi) as well as talk about Bacardi Parties.

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BBC designs.

The following images are examples of our user-friendly design, along with explanations, for our BBC project.

BBC sigin in

The above image is an example of the sort of design we are going for. The colour scheme follows BBC’s trademark red, along with modern fonts that they use elsewhere. As the image shows it will give the user genetic options to register, sign in and remember. The tool bar option gives the option to hide, where by only a small red tab will be visable that can be re-opened at anytime. The Sign-in tab also gives options for users who don’t wish to sign in, worded as ‘site preferences’.

bbc profile optionsrecomended for you

The above image gives an example of what the tab looks like once the user logs in. Behind it will include a ‘recomended for you’ page which will show off pages that a particually user might be interested in, based on their previous visits.

cbbc idea

We will also give a slightly different version that will change in appearance for younger users, depended on their age. The example shown above, uses the green design on CBBC as well as the less formal font similar to what’s seen on the CBBC website. As with the previous this will also give younger visitors the option to favorite pages, communicate with other options (as rules dictates the communicating will be more restricted than with older users). In addition any user who wants to opt with the red ‘classic’ tab, can do so if they click on options.

BBC i player

The above example shows how the tab in use on BBC i player, as well as extra features available there. The tool bar will allow people to communicate with other viewers as they watch East Enders. Logistically depending on how many are logged on there will be several different chat windows, that one may log in or out of if they wish to do so.

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Bacardi idea development.

As previously said, we produced a questionnaire to find out what Bacardi currently does for the target age group – why they don’t buy it and what might do to let people buy it.

First we will design a new bottle that incorporates traditional Bacardi values, that will stand out to the consumer and still come across as classy. Our questionnaire found that out of the suggested bottle designs a non-rounded bottle were most popular – in particular the squarish one on one side. We will then update the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Bacardi that interact with the target consumer, in particular featuring our new bottle design. Our interaction methods will offer competitions where people can win Bacardi – in a proposed ‘Bacardi challenge’. Adverts at areas that 18-24 year olds are likely to see it will be important, such as bus stops, railway stations and near universities. Some of such adverts will show the new bottle and logo prominently, and others will show map points of the area where Bacardi is either being served, or where they are sponsoring a party. These posters will feature large QR codes so that the viewer will be able to get a localised version on their phone.

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BBC Idea development.

As is becoming on websites beyond social networking, we decided to institute a user profile system for the BBC website which will carry over functions that the basic log in already caters for (‘have your say’ for example) as well as others explained bellow.

With the user profile, to link every page together we have decided on a tool bar present on the bottom of every page the user visits on the BBC website, whether it’s I-player, news or the main site. The tool bar can be hideable for those who don’t want to use it, and it can also be used, albeit far more basically, if a user doesn’t wish to log in.

The functions will allow users to communicate with other users, favorite news articles and ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ articles. Have these been done before? Yes. Of course this is not a new, revolutionary idea but why hasn’t the BBC already done it? Well primarily because the BBC can’t associate directly with Facebook or Twitter because of advertising rules, thus they can not use their ‘like’ system as many other sites do. So the BBC can instead have it’s own system of ‘likes’ that will let other readers know if an article is worth reading or not through use in the tool bar. The idea of favoriting news articles is again a simple one which hasn’t already been done. Yes it is true many people don’t want to read an article again, at a time that it’s no longer ‘news’, but that is just a generalisation – many people like to remember articles to reference later, or should they wish to come back to read it later in the week, for example. If the BBC allows this, as well as opening up commenting on articles it is a natural next step to allow users to talk to each other – giving visitors a way of sharing articles on the BBC rather than on Facebook. Along with the previous mentioned things, it would also be feasible to create a home page that will cater for individuals. One that will recommend news articles, BBC i player videos, that it’s tracked by what the user has visited before.

All these new functions will be optional as one can hide the tab that allows this interactivity. But if it phased in, the BBC can gradually reduce what can be done with out it.

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Skittles idea development.

After furthering our ideas, which generally saw us utilising skittles in various busy public spaces, we decided to focus it toward ‘brightening up dark paces’. By this we mean, busy places that are have not been modernised and are looking on the derelict side as well as stations, underground stations and bus stops.

For tube stations we will rig up lighting that will project rainbows throughout an escalator as commuters travel upside and down they will see posters on the wall beside them emphasising skittles lighting up dark places, and the tagline ‘taste the rainbow’.
We have also decided to colour selected zebra crossings with the colours of skittles, where either side the same skittles message will be told, the lights on the four belisha beacons will also be coloured the four brightest skittle colours, red, green, yellow and orange. Our third main idea is a skittles packet in a public place that will pouring out oversized skittles that will be viable for some distance, again like the previous two this will be placed in busy places that still seem dreary.

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Bacardi ideas.

From the previous questionnaire regarding Bacardi we decided that we would look at designing a new bottle that would be recognizable from others. Find a way of bringing into social media on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – ie interacting with the consumer. And in doing this maintain, or extenuate, the classyness of Bacardi.

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