Bacardi ideas.

We discussed why the target age group (18-24 boys) might not be buying Bacardi and what they are buying instead. From what we could already see, their bottle was unmemorable and (as the brief said) it was perceived as an older person’s drink. So we put together a questionnaire that would ask them questions such as:

  1.     What drink do you currently buy?
  2.     Why do you currently buy it?
  3.     Do you care about what others think of what your drinking?
  4.     What are the main motivations for buying your drink?
  5.     Have you ever bought Bacardi?
  6.     If not then why not?
  7.     Is so then how often?
  8.     What do you think of the bottle (pictured)?
  9.     What shape bottle (of those pictured) do you find most attractive?

These questions were but to those in the target age group, both to those in and outside bars. As expected many in the bars didn’t want to answer the questionnaires, but we asked around 30 individuals and the results were conclusive.

Very few bought Bacardi, many never had. Reasons they didn’t were because it was perceived as an older persons drink, and a pricey one.. most wouldn’t even consider it. The results said the bottle was unnoticeable on the shelf. And several people said that they bought drinks because they looked cool doing so, especially those inside the bar.


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