Skittles idea development.

After furthering our ideas, which generally saw us utilising skittles in various busy public spaces, we decided to focus it toward ‘brightening up dark paces’. By this we mean, busy places that are have not been modernised and are looking on the derelict side as well as stations, underground stations and bus stops.

For tube stations we will rig up lighting that will project rainbows throughout an escalator as commuters travel upside and down they will see posters on the wall beside them emphasising skittles lighting up dark places, and the tagline ‘taste the rainbow’.
We have also decided to colour selected zebra crossings with the colours of skittles, where either side the same skittles message will be told, the lights on the four belisha beacons will also be coloured the four brightest skittle colours, red, green, yellow and orange. Our third main idea is a skittles packet in a public place that will pouring out oversized skittles that will be viable for some distance, again like the previous two this will be placed in busy places that still seem dreary.


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