Bacardi idea development.

As previously said, we produced a questionnaire to find out what Bacardi currently does for the target age group – why they don’t buy it and what might do to let people buy it.

First we will design a new bottle that incorporates traditional Bacardi values, that will stand out to the consumer and still come across as classy. Our questionnaire found that out of the suggested bottle designs a non-rounded bottle were most popular – in particular the squarish one on one side. We will then update the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Bacardi that interact with the target consumer, in particular featuring our new bottle design. Our interaction methods will offer competitions where people can win Bacardi – in a proposed ‘Bacardi challenge’. Adverts at areas that 18-24 year olds are likely to see it will be important, such as bus stops, railway stations and near universities. Some of such adverts will show the new bottle and logo prominently, and others will show map points of the area where Bacardi is either being served, or where they are sponsoring a party. These posters will feature large QR codes so that the viewer will be able to get a localised version on their phone.


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