BBC designs.

The following images are examples of our user-friendly design, along with explanations, for our BBC project.

BBC sigin in

The above image is an example of the sort of design we are going for. The colour scheme follows BBC’s trademark red, along with modern fonts that they use elsewhere. As the image shows it will give the user genetic options to register, sign in and remember. The tool bar option gives the option to hide, where by only a small red tab will be visable that can be re-opened at anytime. The Sign-in tab also gives options for users who don’t wish to sign in, worded as ‘site preferences’.

bbc profile optionsrecomended for you

The above image gives an example of what the tab looks like once the user logs in. Behind it will include a ‘recomended for you’ page which will show off pages that a particually user might be interested in, based on their previous visits.

cbbc idea

We will also give a slightly different version that will change in appearance for younger users, depended on their age. The example shown above, uses the green design on CBBC as well as the less formal font similar to what’s seen on the CBBC website. As with the previous this will also give younger visitors the option to favorite pages, communicate with other options (as rules dictates the communicating will be more restricted than with older users). In addition any user who wants to opt with the red ‘classic’ tab, can do so if they click on options.

BBC i player

The above example shows how the tab in use on BBC i player, as well as extra features available there. The tool bar will allow people to communicate with other viewers as they watch East Enders. Logistically depending on how many are logged on there will be several different chat windows, that one may log in or out of if they wish to do so.


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