Reflection on presentation.

After presenting our three ideas we got some usefully feedback, and ideas, both from our peers after viewing our work and at those who had chosen the same brief as us.

Bacardi was a very popular brief which many people did, ours while unique was perhaps not the best, but the brief’s popularity did give us further inspiration from others at other ways we could look. While we had seen allot of the problems and sought to rectify them, some or our solutions on reflection were misguided. We decided in order to keep the brand classic that we would go with barrel type designs on a modern square shaped bottle. And while the design might have worked, it was rightly pointed out that the ‘traditional’ setting wasn’t that relevant to our target audience. If we choose a 18-24 young audience, if they are to be affluent we want to look at successful 21st century yuppies perhaps. In addition, while the promise of winning free Bacardi would work on everyone, a quiz on Bacardi’s history would automatically tune allot of our target audience out, who would simply not care. Here I feel that we lost site of our intended target, and got distracted by the path we had chosen to take.

We were the only group to tackel the BBC brief, and while it went well and there wasn’t much critasicm I fealt that it was perhaps a bit bland and needed something extra.

Despite not having such development designs, I felt that the Skittles project was our best. ‘Lighting up darkness’ worked as a ambient well I feel. The lighting in tube stations could not fail to gain people’s attention, and the zebra crossing idea – while simple was again very noticeable for both road users and pedestrians. One of our peers suggested for the Skittle packet ambient that perhaps it should be positioned the other way up, rather than the skittles pouring on to the floor, they ascend into the air like a rainbow.


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