Bacardi designs.

The following post shows our Bacardi design ideas, and explanations behind them.

Poster 1Poster 2

The two above posters illustrate our idea to keep Bacardi classy as well as maintaining their herratige. We decide to go with a traditional background images, aimed at more affluent consumers. The bottle, in the attempt to make it appear both modern and classic contains the a barrel design of the label (barrels being how they are brewed) and a squarish bottle, which came back as the most popular design from our questionnaire. The positioning of the lid was chosen because it makes it easier to pour.

Map idea

The above image shows a print advert that will be desplayed in both newspapers (that young people are likley to read such as the free Metro) as well on billboards where young people are likley to pass, stations etc.

map placement 2 map placement

The above two image show the Bacardi party advertised at a station. Essentially the idea behind Bacardi party is that Bacardi sponsor student or young people events, or parties where Bacardi is the most prominent drink served, free advertising. The posters show a QR code where someone might get an actual map reference on their phone for for a party.

Twitter facebook

These two last images show how Bacardi might be advertised a social networking environment. The bottle featured where ever possible so it becomes identifiable to consumers. Barcadi will interact with consumers frequently regarding the Bacardi challenge, where people can win Bacardi (perhaps by answering so many questions about Bacardi) as well as talk about Bacardi Parties.


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