Since the aim of this is to look at ways that we can bring ambiant, or guerilla, advertising to skittles. We first looked at ways that other brands use guerilla advertising, then brain stormed ways that we could.

  • Large packet of skittles in public places.
  • Roofs of bus stops with skittle rainbows.
  • Rainbow coming into or out of a billbord to a pot of gold… pot of skittles.
  • Floor stickers with skittles tagline.
  • Bowling ally with skittle patten on bowling ball, and bowling pins – with sound of skittles falling when pins are knocked down.
  • Kids play ball pits having skittles rather than just coloured balls.
  • Rainbow lights.
  • Areas were skittles can be smelt – bus stops etc.
  • Skittle crossings – zebra crossing with each skittle colour.

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