BBC Brief.

Looking at ways to make the BBC less static and bring it into the modern era we started looking at how they did it during the 2012 Olympics. During the 4 weeks they had a system that linked every page, primarily identify the ‘top 5’ competitors by medal count, including always the UK’s position (even before it was in the top 5). Despite the BBC being British it is still a world wide website, so that aspect was briefly questioned – though not for long, since the absence of their own country would likely not bother forgers making use of the BBC website.

Beyond that we looked at how other websites linked their pages together, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – the answer to all three is of course social networking. YouTube of course, has changed most notably to link their pages together. The user’s profile is permanently at the top of the page, and personal recommendations are always to the left. These aspects are of course always present on Facebook.

Looking at other news sites we discovered that the Daily Mail Online is not only the most visited News Site in the United Kingdom, but in the entire world – overtaking the American New York Times a few years back. The Daily Mail Online has a number of features that help make their website most popular, and a great number aid to link the website together. Users have profiles that are visible at the top of every page, they can comment on nearly every article and for American visitors they have a page that lists top US stories. All of these are ideas that we can look at for the BBC. Certainly at the moment there is discontent that users of the BBC may only comment on select articles, rather than everyone – often commenters are negative about which articles the website editors choose for visitors to ‘have your say’ on. Also the localised site, which shows foreigners stories that are more likely to visit them.


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