Creative CV 2.

Our following tutorial regarding our Creative CV, we had examples to show Sarah Louise. Though irritatingly the file had got corrupted as I was in a rush to leave so I wasn’t able to open and show mine on the occasion. Despite this the advice given to my group members carried well on to me, and I got some useful insights

For my initial design, which is to be my generic CV, which ultimately I would alter depending on the agency, was a clean white – which reflects my favored design, with minimalist text. My name at the top, and simply my phone and email. When I was later able to get feedback I was advised to remove my GCSE list, as was already mentioned, and just have a note saying I had ‘7 passes at GCSE’, and then listing my qualifications from oldest to most recent.

I also had this time a list of 5 agencies which were to be my first I would apply to. I had an example statement tailored to the agency.


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