Introduction to Brands Strategy & Creative Branding

This unit is designed to build on your semester 1 unit: ‘ABC1001 Introduction to Advertising and Brands’ by linking brand ‘strategy’ and ‘positioning’ to brand ‘creative’.

In this unit, you will be able to investigate brands in a variety of ways: through lectures, case studies, research, workshops and practical design work in the studio.

Brands are one of the cultural phenomena of the society we live in; their images and brand communication surround us and pervade our lives.

Brands, like people, have identities and personalities. Successful brands are those that are able to command instant recognition. Brand communication serves to establish a relationship with consumers.Brands embody a powerful set of tangible and intangible values – their appeal stretches beyond the physical into the psychological.

Through a series of lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops, you will explore  and analyse how brands and brand personality are constructed and expressed through all brand communication, and how visual and sensory elements have been used to generate brand appeal.

Research and analysis of brands will also highlight some of the social and economic factors that inform the relationship between consumers and brands and influence the society we live in.


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