Archetypes: Sage

“A wise man doesn’t just know what he knows, he knows what he doesn’t know.”

I would consider myself of the ‘Sage’ Archetype, as I am fore ever trying to learn more, find answers for questions, and questions for answers for questions. I am fairly reluctant to show empathy or share my feelings to others, and I am generally unsympathetic.

I believe that knowing the mistakes of the past can prevent such mistakes from being repeated in the future, as such I am often keen to persuade others to way of thinking by presenting them with reasons why.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are two examples of ‘sage archytpical’ organisations, as they are always seeking to expand the human knowledge further, whilst knowing they won’t even skim the surface of what could be known. Whilst NASA entered the space race with the USSR as a Cold War related arms race, they and ESA have always intended to know more about out world, and universe. It is often thought that NASA did it just for the race, just for the exploration – both of which are partially true, but getting the moon was never  the end of NASA’s luna mission, it was merely as far as the United States government wished to take the project, as the provider of NASA’s massive budget (that has considerably shrunk since the Cold War), they were forced to explore cheeper luna missions.

The European Space Agency is the space agency of the European Union, receiving the bulk of it’s budget from the United Kingdom, France and Germans – all of which, like the USA, are fairly restrictive with the budget, but like NASA they have a great thrust for knowledge, wishing to one day explore Mars by setting up a territorial base, and sending numerous probes around the Solar System. They are perhaps best known for the Satellite Navigation system Galileo that provides 7% to the economy of the European Union.

The University of Oxford is the second oldest University in the world, and the oldest in the English speaking world. World renowned as one of the best universities in the world, it is renowned for forever wanting to increase knowledge, of science, history and the ‘English’ language, to which the Oxford dictionary gets it’s name.

The National Health Service is of course primarily a care giving organisation, though they have many researchers dedicated to expand knowledge of health, not just for knowledge it’s self, but obviously to provide cutting edge medicines and operations to it’s patients.

As the worlds largest and most expansive broadcaster the BBC (British Broadcasting Coroperation) has reporters in almost every country, provides detailed reports for every major, and most not so major, events and shows them around the world in dozens of languages. It’s constant requirement to know more, to look at whats happened, and whats happening and what could happen and makes then shares it to the worlds population, makes them an ideal example of the Sage archetype.


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